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Training The Mind To Develop An Awakening Mind

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Geshe Pema Dorjee 
Lecture Series 
Tibet House, US Gallery, NYC 
Wednesday, September 18, 2013 At 07:00 PM  
This series has been developed for practitioners and listeners of all levels. Although taking the entire course is recommended, each session stands on its own and may be taken separately. see below 
see below 

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Mind Training is a series of methods by which we can channel and discipline our mind through the transformation of our attitudes and ways of thinking. The goal is to create the basis for happiness.


The First Seal of the Heart Sutra states that all composite phenomena are impermanent. What are composite phenomena? Why are they impermanent? What can we learn from this? Meditating on impermanence.

Wednesday, Sept. 18; 7-9PM       General:$25/Members:$22.50     click here to register

The Second Seal of the Heart Sutra states that all contaminated phenomena are of the nature of suffering. What are contaminated phenomena? What causes contamination? How are we affected by contamination? Does suffering include dissatisfaction? How can we reduce or eliminate contamination and suffering?

Thursday, Sept. 19; 7-9PM        General:$25/Members:$22.50     click here to register

The Law of Karma
What is Karma? What is collective Karma? What are some examples that help to explain Karma? What is the difference between good and bad Karma?

Friday, Sept. 20; 7-9PM          General:$25/Members:$22.50     click here to register

Developing Bodhichitta

What is Bodhichitta? Why is Bodhichitta desirable? What is the difference between aspirational and engaged Bodhichitta?  Two techniques for developing Bodhichitta.

Wednesday, Sept. 25; 7-9PM        General:$25/Members:$22.50     click here to register

Emptiness: the ultimate nature of reality
“It is only by generating true insight into the ultimate nature of reality that we will be able to get at the root of our confusion – our deluded way of perceiving – and the suffering it gives rise to.” – H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama

Thursday, Sept. 26; 7-9PM        General:$25/Members:$22.50     click here to register

Death, Dying, and Living Fearlessly: a practical guide

“The way to prepare [for death] is by training the mind.” “I believe that the most important practice at the time of death is the awakening mind.” “I have found the path of cultivating the awakening mind to be the source of all happiness. It is the way to fulfill our own purpose and the purposes of other sentient beings.” – H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama

Friday, Sept. 27; 7-9PM      General:$25/Members:$22.50     click here to register


(Wed. Sept. 18; Thurs. Sept. 19; Fri. Sept. 20; Wed. Sept. 25; Thurs. Sept. 26; Fri. Sept. 27 - 7-9PM
General:$150/Members:$135      click here to register



Geshe Pema DorjeeThis course provides the rare opportunity to study with Geshe Pema Dorjee, an internationally recognized authority on Tibetan Buddhism. His fluent English, clear and practical explanations, warm-hearted nature, and infectious sense of humor infuse meaning and inspiration to the venerable practice of Mind Training.

Born in Tibet, Geshe Pema Dorjee completed his studies in Prajnaparamita and Madhyamika at the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics. He then obtained his Geshe degree at Drepung Loseling Monastery. Amongst his academic appointments, he was the first Principal of the College for Higher Tibetan Studies. At the request of H.H. the Dalai Lama, he founded and continues to direct both the Bodong Research and Publication Center in Dharamsala and the Bodong monastery and school in Kathmandu. He devotes the rest of his time to organizing and directing humanitarian projects in Himalayan India and Nepal and to teaching and lecturing in Sweden, England, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Norway, France, India, and Israel. This will be his fourth year teaching at the Tibet House.

This lecture series is co-sponsored by The Tibet House U.S. and Tibetan Buddhist Charitable Aid, Inc. (www.buddhistcharity.org).

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