Benefit Concert – 2008

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Tibet House US held its 17th Annual Benefit Concert at Carnegie Hall on Wednesday, February 13th (Earth Mouse Year).

  • Band of Horses
  • Ray Davies
  • Philip Glass
  • Phamie Gow
  • Nawang Khechog
  • Ashley MacIssac
  • Marisa Monte
  • Sufjan Stevens
  • Tom Verlaine

Press Articles & Reviews

Set List

Philip Glass – Welcome
Robert Thurman – Comments
Philip Glass – Welcome
Robert Thurman – Comments
Monks – Invocation
Philip Glass
P. Glass, M. Monte, Michael Riesman- Freezing
Tom Verlaine- Depot
Tom Verlainre- The Day On You
Band of Horses- No One’s Going to Love You
Band of Horses- The General Specific, Act Together
Phamie Gow- Dancing Hands
P. Gow, Ashley MacIsaac, M. Riesman- Orion
Nawang Khechog
Nawang Khechog, Jay Dee Daugherty
Nawang Khechog, Ashley MacIsaac, Phamie Gow
M. Monte, M. Riesman, P. Gow-Te Quero Decirte
Marisa Monte, Philip Glass, Phamie Gow-Tao So
Marisa Monte- A Primeria Pedra
Sufjan Stevens- Barn Owl
Sufjan Stevens- Star Spangled Banner
Ray Davies- They Ain’t Gonna Listen to Me
Ray Davies- In a Moment, Days, Lola
Finale with all artists All Day and All of the Night

2008 Photos by James Salzano