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Summer Retreat: Clearing The Mind For Social Engagement

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Dr. Joe Loizzo and Mary Reilly Nichols 
Tibet House US Gallery 
Saturday, May 19, 2012 At 10:00 AM  
General:$80 / Members:$72 
Saturday, May 19, 10AM-5PM 

About the Event


Co-sponsored with the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science

This Saturday workshop retreat surveys the daily practice of clearing the mind, exploring the way the contemplative arts of the Seven Point Mind Training can be woven into a practice of deep mindfulness, restorative yoga and the role-modeling imagery of the Healing Mother, White Tara. The retreat will focus on how this heart-opening practice can help us break the grip of childhood trauma, build an engaged social self and grow to embody the spirit of altruism, through mastering the arts of compassionate openness, giving-and-taking on the breath and transforming adversity into a path.

Saturday, May 19, 10AM-5PM  General: $80/Members: $72   click here to register



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