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10:00 am

Silk Brocades—Standing and Seated

A Complete and Concise Practice for Total Health, to Awaken Your Spirit/Destiny and Integrate It into Your Daily Life

Saturday October 14, Sunday November 12, Sunday December 10  |  10am-5pm

General:$120/Members:$108 per workshop
SERIES (Oct. 14, Nov. 12 & Dec. 10) – General:$330/Members:$297

In ancient China, many people in their 80’s and 90’s who looked like they were in their 20’s, attributed this to the practice of the “8 Brocades of Silk.”   This practice, which goes back at least 1000 years, is famous for creating strength and vitality, a calm mind, and balanced emotions.  With practice you just don’t get sick, or an illness lasts for a much shorter time.  Negative energies stemming from anger, depression, illness, and even more serious chronic conditions can be transformed to positive energy.  As you strengthen and balance your body, mind, and emotions, your higher purpose or destiny becomes more evident.  You can become supremely efficient in your daily activities (literally breath by breath) to fulfill your destiny in this lifetime!  Instead of negativity and toxicity, you will find your natural bliss.  Life may still have its ups and downs, but you will experience it with a graceful and productive blissfulness—your birthright!

With the Seated Brocades, which also goes back at least 1000 years, you cultivate a deeper spiritual illumination.  Ultimately, you can become like a safely rooted tree on earth, allowing your spirit to soar and “do its thing” in the universe.  Li Ching-yun, the great immortal who died in 1933 and was reputed to have lived for 256 years, attributed much of his success to the “Advanced Seated Brocades.”

And finally, in this process, you not only do this for yourself, but also altruistically to help others do the same!

In October, we will learn the “Introductory level of the Standing and Seated Brocades.”

In November, the “Intermediate Standing Brocades and Advanced Seated Brocades.”

In December, the “Advanced Diamond Body/Standing Brocades” and “Advanced Seated Brocades.”   To become supremely strong and indestructible (like a diamond), clear and pure of heart, and with all of your energy meridians open:  an excellent foundation for spiritual illumination!

We will also use a “Seated Meditation” to regulate the mind and breath, and a “5 Elements Practice” to harmonize your Body/Physical, Mind/Emotional, Spirit/Consciousness.

In these chaotic times, this kind of foundation is needed to be healthy and successful in your daily endeavors and spiritually attuned for the journey of your soul.

And you will be amazed at how complete, concise and doable this practice can be!  Ideally doing both the Standing and Seated, but it is also very effective to do just one of them.

Everyone welcome!
It is more beneficial to take all 3 workshops, but they can be taken individually.
DVD’s or links will be available for all of the practices.

Please note that the November and December workshops are on Sunday.

General:$120/Members:$108 per workshop
SERIES (Oct. 14, Nov. 12 & Dec. 10) – General:$330/Members:$297



Tibet House US Gallery
22 West 15th Street
New York, NY 10011 United States

About the Presenter

Paul Bloom

Paul Bloom studied Chinese philosophy and history at Harvard and Columbia Universities. He has studied and practiced Classical Qigong with Kwan Sai-hung for over 30 years; Zen Buddhism with Roshi Joan Halifax, Roshi Enkyo O’Hara and Sensei Kazuaki Tanahashi; and Tibetan Buddhism with Professor Robert Thurman and Gelek Rinpoche. Paul has led Qigong workshops at the Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY; Tibet House, NYC; Menla Retreat Center, Phoenicia, NY; Casa Bellavista, Montezuma, Costa Rica; and at Buddhist retreats nationwide. He presently teaches throughout the Hudson Valley, including Menla Retreat Center and Zen Mountain Monastery in Mt. Tremper, and at Tibet House in NYC. He lives in Woodstock, NY. www.paulbloomqigong.com