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Dharmic Warrior: A Kundalini Yoga Experience – Jai Dev Singh | Session I: 10AM-12:30PM


10:00 am – 12:30 pm

Dharmic Warrior: A Kundalini Yoga Experience – Session I

Session I: 10am-12:30pm | Session II: 3pm-5:30pm (Attend one or both sessions)

Session I: 10:00am-12:30pm
Joy of the Infinite: The Art of Deathlessness

When you lift the life-force in the body so that it nurtures the higher glands, you can unlock a wellspring of energy that under normal circumstances remains unavailable.

It is an alchemy which causes the mind to look through the lens of heightened awareness. From this ‘high-altitude’ vantage point, you fall deeply in love with who you truly are.

This is the infinite well in which true confidence and beauty are born. A glow beams from the eyes, brightness emanates through the presence and a divine warmth emerges in the heart.

In this unique workshop, we will use the high-powered exercises and incredible meditations to activate your life-force and experience the part of you that never dies.


Session II: 3:00pm-5:30pm
Arousing the Force of Compassion

At the base of the spine resides great power. At the top of the crown is profound awareness. Yet, it is in the center of the chest where the power of the human and the magic of the heavens unite. At the nucleus of every being, and in the center of all creation is the force of supreme Love, of unbiased compassion.

When this greatest of all powers is unlocked at the heart center, everything changes. In this special workshop, taught by Jai Dev, we will open the lock of the heart center and activate the power of the Infinite within. You will exercise the body, move the life-force, elevate the spirit, and unlock the force of heroic compassion.


Dharmic Warrior Package (both sessions):
WALK IN: $108 non member / $90 member  |  PRE-REG: $90 non member / $75 member

Single Session:
WALK IN: $60 non member / $54 member  |  PRE-REG: $54 non member / $48 member


Tibet House US Gallery
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New York, NY 10011 United States
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