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World Premiere of “Sanctuary”: A Film by Lillian Ball | 7-8:30PM


7:00 pm – 8:30 pm





Friday, November 16; 7-8:30PM
There will be Q&A session after the screening with Lillian Ball. John Halpern will moderate the Q&A session.


Sanctuary is about a time and place in our contemporary world that harkens back 2600 years.
The Lumbini Crane Sanctuary exists within the 3 square mile Sacred Garden area where Siddhartha Gautama was born. There are plans afoot to replace the 254 acre sanctuary with 5 hotels and a 1000 person meditation center !!

Sarus cranes, the tallest flying birds in the world, have lived in the fields around Lumbini since the time Buddha was young. Though crane numbers are dwindling, they still nest in the area today along with many other wildlife species. Join Venerable Metteyya and others in the conservation of that unique environment, for local people and Buddhist pilgrims alike.

2018 | 29m 35s | Director: Lillian Ball | Post-production: George Chrysiliou

For more information on the film, visit: SanctuaryLumbini.org     |

Friday, November 16; 7-8:30PM
There will be Q&A session after the screening with Lillian Ball. John Halpern will moderate the Q&A session.

Click here to learn more about the Sanctuary


Lillian Ball is an ecological artist/activist working on wetland issues with a multidisciplinary background in anthropology, ethnographic film, and sculpture. She has exhibited and lectured internationally, including the Taragaon Museum in Kathmandu; the Seville Bienniale; and Reina Sofia Museum in Spain. Numerous awards include:  two New York State Foundation for the Arts Fellowships, a John-Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship, and a National Endowment for the Arts Grant. Her ongoing WATERWASH® public art project series combines storm water remediation, wetland habitat restoration, and educational outreach. Completed projects have been accomplished with non/profit community groups along the Bronx River and on Mattituck Inlet, both in New York.

Her recent work in Lumbini, Nepal approaches a crane sanctuary endangered by development at the World Heritage site of Buddha’s birthplace with these same locally based concepts. Ball’s documentary, “Sanctuary”, depicts the effort led by the inspiring Venerable Metteyya to avert the demise of wildlife in Lumbini, especially protecting the Sarus cranes that have been there since Buddha’s time.  Constructive work Ball is involved with includes: nature/culture exhibitions, signage design, and ecological livelihood enhancement through using invasive plants in basketry. Planning is underway for a public nature walk, conservation educational center and habitat restoration once the Sanctuary has been preserved. These initiatives will reach the millions of pilgrims visiting as well as benefiting the local population. Partners include Lumbini Social Service Foundation, UNESCO, Natural Resources Development Center, International Crane Foundation, Green Lumbini Youth, Animal Nepal, and World Wildlife Fund.

John DiLeva Halpern is an art activist and filmmaker based in New York and working internationally for the past 45 years. His work advocates for culture as a tool for social transformation. He is known for projects related to the preservation of Tibetan culture through such films as Refuge, and Talking With The Dalai Lama. His immersive, interactive cinema event Waking Buddha Live (premiered at Tibet House, 2015) focuses on Western Meditation, while Joseph Beuys/Transformer and his current work-in-progress, Robert Filliou/Touch The Sky, are unique film portraits of renowned, avant-garde artists. He is also an award-winning, international artist, known for his large-scale, interactive, public art such as, New Consume, Bridging, Fresh Air, and BreathsculptureHis 30 YEARS TIBET HOUSE (2018) film can be found on this site. John’s articles about Tibet’s Self Immolations can be found on the Huffington Post. For more information, visit: http://mdsfilms.com/



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