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Goryeo Illuminated Sutra Transciption & Buddhist Painting: Talk and Demonstration | 6-8:30PM


6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Co-organized by Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation


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(The lecture will be in Korean with English translation)

Lecture & Demonstration with Kim Kyeong-Ho: Goryeo illuminated Sutra transcription

The art of the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392) is represented by three distinguished genres: Goryeo Buddhist Painting, Goryeo Pottery, and Goryeo illuminated Sutra transcription. Though Goryeo Pottery is widely known, many people are unfamiliar with Buddhist Painting and illuminated Sutra transcription.

Illuminated Sutra transcription, called Sagyeong, is a Buddhist meditation practice with a 1,700 year history in Korea. The painting process is a meditative practice of great delicacy and focus, requiring the hand of an experienced and devoted artist specializing in this ancient art form. This exquisite and elaborate painting technique is often done in gold ink, with the smallest imaginable paint brushes. Master artist Kim Kyeong-Ho will give a lecture and demonstration.

Kim Kyeong-Ho
Master artist Kim Kyeong-Ho is a pioneer and transmitter of the art of Sagyeong, Korean Sutra Copying, and was appointed by the Korean Ministry of Employment and Labor as the sole Traditional Sutra Copying Skills Transmitter. His dedication to, and extensive research on Sutra copying is soon to be recorded in the modern Korean Sutra Copying history. He is both an accomplished artist and teacher of this unique art that had not been practiced for 600 years after the Joseon Dynasty. Master Kim also serves as the President Emeritus of the Korea Sutra Copying Research Association and Director of the Korean Institute of Traditional Sutra Copying.

Recently, he has devoted himself to the work of expansion, artistic exploration and creation of modern Sutra copying by incorporating various elements from the Bible, the Quran, mandalas, and tantras from the Indian and Tibetan traditions. Master Kim has had 19 solo and group exhibitions including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Los Angeles, U.S.) in 2010, Flushing Town Hall (New York, U.S.) in 2012, Korean Cultural Center (Los Angeles, U.S.) in 2014. Master Kim is the author of 20 books (3 co-authorship).

Lecture & Demonstration with Joy Rock: Goryeo Buddhist Painting

Ms. Joy Rock will discuss the process of applying color to her paintings inspired by the 10th century technique of gold powder and use of the back of a silk canvas.

She draws her inspiration from the few remaining Buddhist paintings (about 160 pieces) that still exist after Gaegyeong was reestablished as the capital of Goryeo in 1270.  In addition to being mobile (they can be rolled and hung), these traditional iconographic and devotional works of art are distinguished by patterns of exquisitely drawn fine lines.



Joy Rock
While working as a Western-style artist in 1999, Joy Rock was captivated by a Goryeo Empire painting of the Bodhisattva Water-Moon Avalokiteśvara. She immersed herself in the world of Buddhist iconographic painting, starting with drawing approximately 2,000 ink sketches. Joy Rock is a self-taught artist who has mastered the technique of applying stone-based color and gold to her work.

Joy Rock’s most representative exhibitions include a solo exhibition at Yongin University Museum in Korea (2005), a solo exhibition, “Revival of Goryeo Buddhist Paintings” in Los Angeles, U.S., (2015) and a solo exhibition, “Goryeo Buddhist Paintings: Mysterious and Splendid” in New York, U.S. (2017). She is particularly known for her paintings Water-Moon Avalokiteśvara, Fifteen Thousand Buddhas, and Amita Buddhas. It has been noted that her works bear a great resemblance to the original paintings created seven hundred years ago.

The lecture will be in Korean with English translation.

Click here for upcoming exhibition by Master Kim Kyeong Ho and Ms. Joy Rock at Tibet House US (March 13-May 9, 2019).

Friday, March 15, 2019, 6-8:30 PM

General:$15/Members:$12    CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Ms. Joy Rock

Master Kim Kyeong-Ho


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