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“Mindful Awareness Training” with Erica Saccente & Jim Conley | 10AM-5PM


10:00 am – 5:00 pm

GO DEEPER THAN POPULAR MINDFULNESS APPS CAN TAKE YOU. Our Mindful Awareness Training is designed to enable you to be the rudder of your own mind and to steer and direct it where you want by strengthening your capacity to voluntarily deploy attention. This workshop is about learning to focus your attention first internally, and then externally, via an understanding of contemplative neuroscience combined with a range of meditation techniques taught across eight training modules over two days.

BRING FORTH A NEW FORM OF INTELLIGENCE AND LEAD A MORE CONSCIOUS LIFE. We will carefully show you how meditation leads to understanding things beyond conception. You will learn how to experience life deeply and with increased clarity by using a holistic “in-the-moment” awareness as opposed to viewing life solely through a conceptual lens. We will introduce you to meditation and help you better understand that beginning a regular practice can bring forth a new form of intelligence and lead to a more conscious way of working and living in the world; one that can allow for a kind of psychological freedom over and above our continuous entanglement with concepts.

CULTIVATE SELF-REGULATION. You’ll learn mental exercises to cultivate self-regulation, the regulation of attention, and the regulation of emotion. Our four expected outcomes & goals for participants include:

  •     • Integrate simple practices of focused attention & awareness into your day
  •     • Improve internal awareness & external (social) alignment
  •     • Enhance your ability to recognize new patterns
  •     • Promote a confident, adaptable embodiment of moment-to-moment presence

ALL ARE WELCOMEBeginners and experienced meditators, aspiring and engaged leaders from all organizational levels and backgrounds; including students of and professionals in business, healthcare, military, government, education, for profits and non-profits .

Erica Saccente and Jim Conley are certified mindfulness and compassion teachers and in 2018 together they successfully taught an 8-week CBRT program in Fairfield County, CT. (See personal histories, below).

We intend to cover:


Sunday, May 5th, Modules 5-8 

Module Five. The primary mind  (10am-11:20)
• The primary mind, reactivity, and negativity bias. (Meditation: Clarity of the Primary Mind)
• Group exercise.  Mindful movement.
• The recognition of instinctive stress habits. Recognizing our habituation.

Six. Witnessing awareness (11:30am-12:45)
• Awareness of awareness. (Meditation: Meta-awareness)
• Exploring more neuroscience. Shame.
• How ‘states’ can positively influence beneficial ‘traits’ and lead to improved self-regulation and better cognitive & emotional outcomes.

Seven. Self & Other (1:45pm-3:05)
• Transitioning from Inside (your own mind) to Outside (social engagement). Mindful movement.
• Emotional literacy and setting boundaries.
• Traveling the arc from Empathy to Compassion. (Meditation: Lovingkindness)

Eight. Community (3:15-4:30)
• The psychology of mindful social engagement.
• The discomfort of cognitive dissonance and how it drives meaningful change.
• The cultivation of pro-social emotions. (Meditation: The Four Pillars of Mindful Awareness)

Questions. Recall. Review (4:30-5pm)
• Summary & practical applications.
• Participant feedback.

    • To attend one day: General admission:$75/Members: $60 –
    • To attend both days: General admission:$150/Members:$135 – REGISTER HERE

    • Students and 65+ seniors (no member discount) and if attending your first MFX weekend workshop:
$60 per day and $125 for both days – REGISTER HERE

*If the program cost might prevent you from attending please contact Beata – [email protected]

Required for the course
    • Loose-fitting clothes for gentle movement and comfortable sitting.
• We will present some guided meditations and teachings from Indic traditions, however the emphasis will be on practical application of meditation to everyday life.
• Yoga mats, floor cushions and/or chairs are provided.
• Beverages and snacks will not be provided. A lunch break will provide ample time to leave the premises for lunch nearby.
• Please note there are no drinks allowed in The Gallery area during this workshop.

Erica Saccente, PMHNP-BC, is a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner who has been studying and practicing Yoga and Tibetan Buddhism for over a decade. I have a BS, Neuroscience, Lafayette College; BS, Nursing and MS, PMHNP, Columbia University. I completed a 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training with YogaWorks in 2012, and I also teach meditation rooted in Tibetan Buddhism. I studied with the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science, completing their Contemplative Psychotherapy Certificate Program and an advanced training in Yoga Psychology, and I am a certified Compassion-based Resiliency Training (CBRT) teacher. I have prior research experience working at the Nathan Kline Institute studying sensory processing in schizophrenia. I have been working with marginalized communities for many years, and I am currently employed at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s where I provide psychiatric treatment to people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS and people readjusting to society after incarceration.

I also have a small private practice in NYC, Adhara Insight NP in Psychiatry, in which I integrate psychotherapy, medication management, Yoga breathing techniques, meditation, attention to the physical body, spiritual principles, and insights from neuroscience into a comprehensive healing model. I view psychotherapeutic work not only as a means to symptom reduction, but as an evolving process to help people live more personally meaningful lives. My approach is collaborative, and I bring a compassionate, non-judgmental sensitivity to my work.

Jim Conley is an investment banker, meditation teacher, and Co-Founder of The Mindforce Institute.  I’m also managing director of Yellion Partners, a boutique specializing in corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions, turnaround counsel, operational & strategic advisory, and private equity & venture capital finance to both private and public companies.  My experience includes long-term assignments (+16 years) in Brussels, London, and Amsterdam working for Prudential Securities, JP Morgan Chase and Deutsche Bank serving a client base of multi-industrial multinational corporations. I’ve also had operational assignments at The Financial Times Group (Pearson, Plc) as CFO/COO; and as Global CFO of an international art and travel publishing group.

In 2017, I completed the Nalanda Institute’s two-year Certificate Program in Contemplative Psychotherapy, an intensive program integrating Western contemporary psychotherapy, neuroscience, and wellness psychology with the mindfulness and compassion-based systems of Buddhist psychology and meditation.

I also completed a one-year teacher training certification in Compassion-Based Resilience Training (CBRT), an evidence-based course for building resilience and well-being of mind, heart, and body using mindfulness and compassion practice as well as visualization techniques, somatic awareness, and breathwork.

Our curriculum integrates contemplative skills from India and Tibet with contemporary breakthroughs in neuroscience, positive psychology, and integrative medicine.


Tibet House US Gallery
22 West 15th Street
New York, NY 10011 United States
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