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“Mindful Awareness Training” with Jane Lauterback, Mary Reilly Nichols, and Jim Conley | 10AM-5PM


10:00 am – 5:00 pm

GO DEEPER THAN ANY OF THE POPULAR MINDFULNESS APPS CAN TAKE YOU. Our Mindful Awareness Training is designed to enable you to be the rudder of your own mind and to steer and direct it where you want by strengthening your capacity to voluntarily deploy attention. This workshop is about learning to focus your attention via an understanding of contemplative neuroscience and a diverse range of meditation techniques.

SURFACE NEW FORMS OF INTELLIGENCE AND LEAD A MORE CONSCIOUS LIFE.  We will show you how meditation leads to understanding things beyond a “conceptual” frame. You’ll learn how to experience life deeply and with increased clarity by using a holistic “in-the-moment” awareness as opposed to viewing life solely through a historical lens and the stories of your prior experience. We’ll introduce you to many different forms of meditation, and then attempt to convince you (using neuroscience) that beginning a regular meditation practice can help you surface new forms of intelligence and lead you towards a more conscious way of working and living in the world; one that can allow for a kind of psychological freedom over and above our continuous entanglement with conceptual forms.

CULTIVATE SELF-REGULATION. You’ll learn mental exercises to help you cultivate self-regulation, the regulation of attention, and the regulation of emotion. Our four expected outcomes & goals for each participant includes:

  • ○ How to integrate simple practices of focused attention & awareness into your day
  • ○ Improving your internal awareness & external (social) alignment
  • ○ Enhance your ability to recognize new patterns
  • ○ Promote a confident, adaptable embodiment of moment-to-moment presence

ALL ARE WELCOME. Beginners and experienced meditators, aspiring and engaged leaders from all organizational levels and backgrounds; including students of and professionals in business, healthcare, military, government, education, for profits and non-profits.

AND FINALLY It will be fun.

Our instructors for this weekend are Jane Lauterback, Mary Reilly Nichols, and Jim Conley. (Bios, below.)


Saturday, June 29th, Modules 1-4 

Module One. Human Evolution & Neuroscience (10am-11:15)

  • • Evolutionary perspectives of survival, pain, pleasure, stress, and an intro to negativity bias.
  • • A review of current neuroscience: What we know to date; empirical evidence, data, research.
  • • Creating a set point. Meditation: Introductory meditation

Two. Objects of Attention & Awareness (11:30am-12:45)

  • • Attention vs Awareness. Spontaneous movements of attention. The illusion of multitasking.
  • • Using the breath & other objects of attention as mental stabilizers. Mental machinery and the creation of mental content.
  • • Meditation: Object of Attention

Three. Sensation (1:45pm-3:00)

  • • Sensations. The 5 sense doorways.
  • • Somatic (body) awareness.
  • • Meditation: Body & Sensation

Four. Storytelling. The Board Room in our Mind. Embodied practice. (3:15-4:15)

  • • Raw perception vs the stories we tell ourselves. Confabulation. Psychology. The construction of self-narratives.
  • • Recognizing the intrinsic valence (charge) in thoughts and emotions
  • • Mindful & fluid movement, embodied practice, and an intro to breathwork with Mary Reilly Nichols 

Questions. Recall. Review (4:15-4:30)

  • • Feedback
  • • Homework assignment (Saturday evening)
  • • Brief closing meditation

Sunday, June 30th, Modules 5-8 

Module Five. The Primary Mind (10am-11:20)

  • • The primary mind, reactivity, and negativity bias.
  • • The recognition of instinctive stress habits, and insights into habit formation.
  • • Meditation: The Clarity of the Primary Mind

Six. Witnessing Awareness (11:30am-12:45)

  • • Awareness of awareness. An introduction to, “metacognitive introspective awareness”
  • • How ‘states’ can positively influence beneficial ‘traits’ and lead to improved self-regulation and better cognitive & emotional outcomes. More neuroscience
  • • Meditation: Meta-awareness

Seven. Self & Other (1:45pm-2:55)

  • • Transitioning from Inside (your own mind) to Outside (social engagement).
  • • Emotional literacy and setting boundaries. Exploring the arc of Empathy to Compassion. Introduction to compassion practices.
  • • Two Meditations: Lovingkindness & The Thought Party

Eight. Community. Intersubjectivity. (3:00-4:15)

  • • A brief intro to the psychology of mindful social engagement and cultivation of pro-social emotions.
  • • Mindful movement, embodied practice, and more breathwork with Mary Reilly Nichols
  • • Meditation: The Four Stages of Mindful Awareness

Questions. Recall. Review (4:15-4:30pm)

  • • Summary & Questions.
  • • Participant feedback.


  • • To attend one day: General admission: $80 / Tibet House Members: $70 – REGISTER HERE
  • • To attend both days: General admission: $160 / Tibet House Members: $140 – REGISTER HERE
  • • Students and 65+ seniors (no member discount) and if attending your first MFX weekend workshop: $60 per day and $125 for both days – REGISTER HERE

* If the program cost might prevent you from attending please contact Beata – [email protected]

Required for the course 

  • • Loose-fitting clothes for gentle movement and comfortable sitting.
  • • We will practice at least 8 guided meditations and teachings from Indic traditions, however the emphasis will be on practical application of meditation to everyday life.
  • • Yoga mats, floor cushions and/or chairs are provided.
  • • Beverages and snacks will not be provided. A lunch break will provide ample time to leave the premises for lunch nearby.


Jane Lauterback (ACC, PCC) is a Leadership Coach and Executive Business Development Officer at The Purposeworks, the company she founded. She works with Fortune-500 companies, high-growth venture-backed start-ups, foundations and non-profits to increase organizational effectiveness, establish faster paths to innovation, and deliver meaningful social impact.

Jane understands the stubborn challenges and obstacles faced by executives and teams having herself run global organizations in the US, and as a corporate-sponsored expatriate in Tokyo. She integrates talent development, strategic marketing and business development along with mindfulness and contemplative neuroscience to intentionally surface more dynamic leadership while empowering personal fulfillment.

The Purposeworks approach to building a viable roadmap with constructive action accelerates outcomes such as: stronger and more fluid team building; more effective management; improved work/life balance; purpose-based strategy and culture and improved resilience to life’s constant change.

Jane’s work includes leading collaboration across diverse corporate functions and multiple geographies (US, Europe, China, India, Japan, and South Africa). Her global enterprise stretches across NGOs, technology, financial services, impact investing, management consulting, media and entertainment, CPG, FMCG, and includes the new CBD-as-an-investment sector.

Jane is an internationally certified coach and is Hogan Behavioral Assessment Systems certified.  She mentors/coaches with several organizations and won this year’s Mentor of the Year award from NYU’s Stern School Berkley Innovation Labs Championship. She serves an executive coach for Lee Hecht Harrison’s ICEO practice, with UNICEF and Impact 2030.

For many years, Jane has practiced and studied Buddhist Philosophy and completed certificate programs from The Nalanda Institute of Contemplative Science, a two-year intensive ‘Contemplative Psychotherapy’ certificate program, and The Stanford School of Medicine’s Compassion Training.  She is currently enrolled in two Buddhist studies programs to ensure her desire to continuously integrate neuroscience, mindfulness, and contemplative practices into organizations and for individuals.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/janelauterback-acc/

Mary Reilly Nichols has been teaching yoga for over 30 years. She specializes in the yoga teachings of non-duality offered in the Upanishads, Advaita Vedanta, as well as in the Tantric methods of Kashmiri Shaivism and Kundalini Yoga.

She holds a BA in anthropology from Harvard University and completed five years of residency in the meditation ashrams of Swami Muktananda both in India and the US.

Currently, Mary teaches stress management in psychiatric settings with a special focus on breath technique and is involved in ongoing research on the mind/body benefits of yoga and meditation. Mary maintains a private practice teaching yoga and meditation instruction for Tibet House, The Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science, Embodied Philosophy, The Open Center, a variety of corporate clientele, and individuals seeking private instruction.

Mary also directs the Yoga, Mind & Spirit teacher training for the Nalanda Institute and teaches two public yoga classes per week at Life in Motion on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Jim Conley is an investment banker, meditation teacher, and Co-Founder of The Mindforce Institute.  He’s also managing director of Yellion Partners, a boutique specializing in corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions, turnaround counsel, operational & strategic advisory, and private equity & venture capital to both private and public companies.  His experience includes long-term assignments (+16 years) in Brussels, London, and Amsterdam working for Prudential Securities, JP Morgan Chase and Deutsche Bank serving a client base of multi-industrial multinational corporations. He’s also completed operational assignments at The Financial Times Group (Pearson, Plc) as CFO/COO; and as Global CFO of an international art and travel publishing group.

In 2017, Jim completed the Nalanda Institute’s two-year Certificate Program in Contemplative Psychotherapy, an intensive program integrating Western contemporary psychotherapy, neuroscience, and wellness psychology with the mindfulness and compassion-based systems of Buddhist psychology and meditation.

He’s also completed a one-year teacher training certification in Compassion-Based Resilience Training (CBRT), an evidence-based course for building resilience and well-being of mind, heart, and body using mindfulness and compassion practice as well as visualization techniques, somatic awareness, and breathwork.

Our Mindful Awareness Training curriculum integrates contemplative skills from India and Tibet with contemporary breakthroughs in neuroscience, positive psychology, and integrative medicine.


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