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Retreat: Communing with One and All: Embodying the Great Seal of Unconditional Love


10:00 am  | 80$

Dr. Pilar Jennings

The Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science offers a Four-Year Program in Sustainable Happiness tailored to help you build a contemplative life in our high-stress age. Each course integrates three core disciplines of contemplative learning: knowledge, meditation, and action, and involves weekly two-hour classes, homework practice based on assigned texts and meditations, as well as a final, take-home essay exam. Courses culminate with a daylong retreat, reinforcing the insights, skills, and life strategies taught in the preceding classes.

Communing with One and All: Embodying the Great Seal of Unconditional Love
, (final course in the Sustainable Happiness program), is taught by Dr. Pilar Jennings. As we and our world become interconnected 24-7, is it humanly possible to take it all in and keep responding with mindful integrity and love? Fortunately, modern science tells us we all have what it takes to support the whole spectrum of empathy and compassion, from the deepest intimacy to global community. Current research on meditation and neural integration shows that the capacity for higher self-regulation–turning dinosaur fragmentation into genius synergy–is not restricted to the chosen few, as ancient alchemists and modern therapists both assumed. We all can learn to harness the primal energy and chemistry of the nervous system, love, and care, to inspire and realize an all-loving self and life naturally available to us.

This final course explores the most refined arts of contemplative healing and transformation developed in India and preserved in Tibet. Once we’ve envisioned a heroic dream self and life, tapped into our neural network of bliss, and tasted the innate wisdom of ecstatic openness, we’re finally ready to start upgrading our human body and mind into the perfect instrument of inspiration and clarity we need to commune with our loved ones and all life unconditionally.

Practically, this class teaches the fine art of dissolving and transforming our mind-body process into a spirit-form of pure passion and a cosmic mind of bliss-openness, based on the role-modeling practice of the Time Machine Mother-Father (Kalachakra). Participants will learn how the deep visceral states of wellbeing unlocked by this art are harnessed to unlearn traumatic habits, disarm reactive instincts, and commune freely and creatively with others and the world we share.

Prerequisites: some familiarity with mindfulness, loving-kindness, yoga, and/or an openness to the path of self-healing and self-transformation. This class is open to all who meet the prerequisites, whether or not you’ve taken previous Four-Year Program courses.

For more information on the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science, please visit: http://www.nalandainstitute.org

Saturday, April 15, 10am-5pm


Tibet House US Gallery
22 West 15th Street
New York, NY 10011 United States