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The Healing Power of Sound – Sara Galassini and Christopher Cherney | 10AM-5:30PM


10:00 am – 5:30 pm

Saturday, Sunday, March 28, 29; 10AM-5:30PM
$150 per day  or $275 for the weekend with 10% to Tibet House US members

A weekend workshop to explore focus, intention and listening as the primary steps towards orienting oneself within. We begin carving a path towards creating a conscious state of being and a stronger sense of self by developing tools for self caring, balance and wellbeing in our daily lives. We will use breathing techniques, sound and movement to encourage a calm mind and a relaxed, awakened body. This absence of fight or flight is a necessary state to nurture harmony in life and begin healing the self. Together we will explore the uniqueness of our voices through embodiment techniques and toning, finding resonance in different parts of the body and in the chakra centers. We will explore different instruments, using them in training the body and mind to listen and learn about their specific resonances. Throughout the process the participants are invited to journal and share their experiences in communal reflections.

A wide variety of instruments such as tuning forks, gongs, singing bowls, frame drums, ocarinas, Kalimbas, chimes, bells, flutes as well as the human voice create harmonic resonances that have the power to generate a meditative and deeply healing experience. This stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system encourages relaxation of the physical and mental bodies, allowing a stronger connection with the spirit body. To fully receive the benefits of this practice it is important that the receiver of the sound waves be an actively engaged and focused listener. Through active listening, with intent attention to the sounds produced, one allows the entire human system to achieve a state of coherence and a harmony of the energetic centers.This is a manifestation of entrainment, an organizing principle on all scales throughout the universe.
● Reduction of stress and anxiety
● Increase of mental and emotional clarity
● Promotion of stillness, happiness and well being
● Deep relaxation and pain relief
● Lowering anger and reduction of the fight or flight response
● Heightening of self awareness and recognition of habitual patterns

● Letting go of the ego to go deeper within.

Saturday, March 28
10-1:30pm: Introductions. Sound meditation and breathing techniques. Vocal warm up with movement. Humming through the chakras. Toning.
1:30-2:30pm: Lunch break
2:30-5:30pm: Instrument workshop.  Exploration of instruments, old and new, and ways to play together. The practice of active listening.

Sunday, March 29

10-1:30pm: Exploration of movement and rhythm patterns with words. The connections between voice, movement, rhythm and instrument.
1:30-2:30: Lunch break
2:30-5:30: Individual and group projects: become your own healer, get your power back. A closing sound meditation to integrate the work done together
Saturday, Sunday, March 28, 29; 10AM-5:30PM

$150 per day  or $275 for the weekend with 10% to Tibet House US members


Sara Galassini is an Italian artist based in New York for nearly twenty years. Her extensive artistic experience and the many benefits she has received by studying and practicing dance, theater and music led her to want to undertake a personal journey in the healing arts and sound therapy. She graduated from the Open Center’s Sound and Music Institute in New York in 2016. Ever since she has been helping cancer patients, people with Alzheimer’s disease, those suffering from stress, anxiety and depression, and people that want to restore and nurture a state of quiet, harmony and happiness.
Christopher Cherney is an award winning composer and educator. He has played with and written for some of the greats of American music including, among others, the Duke Ellington Orchestra, the Drifters and Chuck Berry. When his wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease he divorced himself from “the music business”. Since he has focused on the use of sound and music as healing modalities, graduating from the Open Center’s Sound and Music Institute in 2018. He does sound treatments for cancer patients at many venues. Over his 47 year career teaching he has witnessed music’s incredible power to transform people and change lives. In his words,“ I am returning to the original purposes of music: to calm the mind and access the divine”.


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