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Using Meditation and Qigong to Transform Your Stress, Fear and Anxiety to a Blissful Positive Energy


10:00 am  | 120$

Spring Classical Qigong Practice Using Meditation and Qigong to Transform Your Stress, Fear and Anxiety to a Blissful Positive Energy

Paul Bloom

These are times fraught with great fear and anxiety. We all feel so unsure about a future that will soon be the present. If there was ever a time when we needed to work on ourselves to become stronger and more helpful to each other, it is now. There is a Taoist expression “Shit happens,” which surely is the case now. But the Chinese word for “opportunity” contains the radical that connotes “crisis.” It is during a crisis that opportunities present themselves.

In the coming spring, we will work on embracing our crises physically and emotionally to transform them into positive energy with an unlimited potential for achieving goodness in the world.

We will first warm up the body to create energy that we can work with. Then learn and practice basic standing postures/movements to properly align our bones/joints/muscles to soften the body and create a smooth flow of energy in the body.

Then we will use meditation to become peaceful in the mind and free of stress and tension in the physical body and internal energetic system.

This will include a 5 Elements Practice that works with the 5 major organs (Kidneys, Liver, Heart, Spleen and Lungs) and specific movements to harmonize your Body/Mind/Spirit.

Finally, we will learn the 12 Taoist Rejuvenations famously practiced at the Hua Shan Monastery in Northern China. Historically the women of the Chinese court were sent to Hua Shan to learn this set in order to “stay young and beautiful.”

In this set you balance the energies of your 3 dan tians (elixir fields below navel, at solar plexus/Heart center and Third Eye) which correspond to your Body/Navel, Mind/Heart center, and Spirit/Third Eye. These centers go from being like unruly children to 3 great sages.

With this harmonizing of your 3 energy centers, you experience harmonious grace—a blissful expression of your True Nature.

In the March workshop, meditation will focus more on removing physical stress and tension. In April, removing tension from your energy body. In May, on the awakening of your consciousness.

We will work on the 12 Taoist Rejuvenations in all of the workshops. This set requires more effort and attention, but is worth it—it is easily my favorite Qigong set, artistically so inspiring, aesthetically so interesting, and energetically the most gratifying. Once you master this set, nothing bothers you, everything is full of bliss!

One does not need to attend all three workshops, but it is highly recommended.

Everyone welcome! Practices will be available on You Tube.

Saturdays, April 22, May 13, June 10; 10am-5pm

Single session – General:$120/Members:108
SERIES (all 3 Saturdays): General:$350/Members:$315


Tibet House US Gallery
22 West 15th Street
New York, NY 10011 United States