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Welcome to the Tibet House US Video Archive. New content will be added regularly as our 30+ years of material becomes digitized and you'll also find recent recordings and teachings as well.

Rebirth Stories: Buddhism 101 – Bob Thurman Podcast #8

Rebirth Stories Tibet House US Bob Thurman Podcast Menla

  In this podcast Robert Thurman discusses the motivational + inspirational value of examining rebirth stories first hand on the spiritual path no matter what one’s background is.  Providing examples from Non-Buddhist communities Professor Thurman details the process of dying, death and rebirth, and the contraindications found within our modern relationship with it. Podcast concludes… Read more »

Concentration + Chasing Cherry Blossoms at Menla

Developing Concentration + Chasing Cherry Blossoms : Sharon Salzberg at Menla In this short video Sharon Salzberg discusses how to find real happiness by developing concentration through the use of regular mindfulness practice. “The big challenge to understanding concentration is seeing that it really comes from recognizing that we’re distracted and gently letting go. And… Read more »

Modern Mendicants – No Haircut, No Free Lunch : Force For Good Lam Rim

Modern Mendicants Lam Rim Robert AF Thurman

Modern Mendicants – No Haircut, No Free Lunch : Force For Good Principles of The Path with Robert AF Thurman Opening this video with a question from a Force For Good class series participant about the structure of the Lam Rim teachings, Robert AF Thurman leads an explanation of the Buddhist monastic tradition using a… Read more »

Democracy, Green Tara + Power of Women : Sacred Feminine 2016

Democracy Green Tara Meditation and the Power of Women

Democracy, Green Tara and the Power of Women with Robert AF Thurman +  Isa Gucciardi Ph.D. from Menla’s Embracing The Sacred Feminine 2016 Retreat Professor Robert AF Thurman begins this video discussing sociologist Philip Slater’s books “A Dream Deferred: America’s Discontent” and the Search for a New Democratic Ideal” & “The Pursuit of Loneliness” and Marilyn… Read more »

Blown Away by Nirvana + The Buddha’s Eight Fold Path at Menla

Blown Away by Nirvana Photo

Blown Away by Nirvana & The Buddha’s Eight Fold Path with Robert AF Thurman & Mark Epstein M.D. Video In this short video Professor Robert Thurman gives an introduction to the Buddha’s Eight Fold Path + the idea of Nirvana. Includes an in depth discussion of translating Buddhist terminology from Pali + Sanskrit accurately to… Read more »