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Pilgrimage to the Big Sky Nomadic Grassland of Mongolia with Prof, Robert Thurman and colleague, in THUS and Geoex extraordinary inner-outer pilgrimage. IN-country approx.

August 15-29, 2018 

A journey to the great sky and vast plains of Genghiz Khan, where the brave Mongolian warriors eventually turned from outer conquest of most of Eurasia to the much higher and more satisfying inner conquest in the Indo-Tibetan Buddhist tradition of mastering the inner self and attaining the bliss of unecelled enlightenment. The pilgrimage will visit key holy sites within and without, in and near Ulan Batur as well as taste the nomadic life in the famous Lapis Sky camp in central Mongolia, where they love to encourage the theme of wide open spaces, the sky as a metaphor for the mind, mental spaciousness, horses, the horse as metaphor for the mind and energy, the wind horse, hiimur, as it is a uniquely Mongolian idea, how nomadic life and especially horse and its metaphors influenced Buddhist yoga. The horse combined with the yoga and meditation in deep wilderness surrounded by nomadic culture makes for incredibly rich internal experience. We will ride the gentle Mongolian ponies in the vast land-and-sky-scape, while witnessing a local Naadam competition and dance festival. The final party of the trip during the return to the capital will be held at the unique Genghis Khan Polo Camp nearby.

Return Pilgrimage to Bhutan, in-country
November 7-20, 2018

After a few years visiting other Buddhist lands in Asia as iinner-outer pilgrims, we will return to Bhutan on this THUS GEOEX trip. Our trips are individual retreats, where we inwardly travel contemplatively into the holy places within our human mind and spirit, while we travel into the sacred temples and nature of Bhutan, one of the two places where the living spiritual atmosphere of ancient Buddhist Tibet can still be experienced. We will visit Paro, Thuimphu, Bumtang, and especially Gangteng, where the black necked cranes return from Tibet to prepare for the winter. Return pilgrims and new pilgrims are more than welcome to travel with Prof. Bob Thurman and partner in this unforgettable “Land of the Thurnder Dragon.!”

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