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“The Universe In An Atom”: Higher Knowledge And Perception In Tibetan Buddhism

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William Bushell, PhD 
Talk & Discussion 
Tibet House US Gallery 
Thursday, March 15, 2012 At 07:00 PM  
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Ancient Buddhist texts speak of knowledge and even yogic direct perception of the universe on the miniscule as well as the cosmological level. There are reasons to believe such “noetic” phenomena are not purely metaphorical or symbolic. This course looks at the statements in terms of Professor Thurman’s and the Dalai Lama’s pioneering analyses, which include aspects of contemporary neuroscience, physics, and cosmology.  The classes will cover the following topics: “Can “Atoms” open up to yogically transformed perception?”; “Can “Universes” become accessible to yogically transformed perception?”; and “Atoms and universes in the Bardo.”


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About the Presenter

William Bushell, PhD is Director of Research at Tibet House US/ Menla Mountain Retreat, and is affiliated with the Anthropology Program at MIT and the Center for Buddhist Studies at Columbia University. He has been conducting integrative research on meditation and yoga for many years, and has helped to develop several integrative scientific conferences with Professor Robert Thurman and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

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