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Open Music Ensemble: Music And Meditation Program

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Open Music Ensemble 
Music & Meditation 
Tibet House US gallery 
Wednesday, April 18, 2012 At 07:00 PM  
General:$15 / Members, Seniors and Students:$13 
Wednesday, April 18, 7-9PM 

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open musicThe Open Music Ensemble returns to lead a series of evening meditations with improvised music.

The evening begins with a guided meditation, awakening the senses. Next, the musicians introduce their instruments to the ears of the meditators, followed by a second meditation on the skill of listening. Then the musicians play as an ensemble, weaving a colorful carpet of sound through improvisation, deepening the experience of being in the present. All participants are are welcome to meditate, move or dance, write in a journal or draw while the music continues. After the music, we sit briefly in silence, and then the participants are invited to share their experiences with all present, ask questions or make comments on the evening.

An excerpt from a video of the Ensemble’s “Tsunami Healing Meditation” may be viewed at www.youtube.com/watch?v=QG8ObM6LusI.
open music
Prior participant comments: "A space of awareness is created by the musicians around the room, allowing participants to engage in a sense exploration, and achieve greater access to their own insight."; "I . . . am deeply moved by your music, and had . . . phenomenal experiences meditating to it."; “ It was a very focused and deeply engaged meditative experience; I know many would enjoy the experience."; "For the first time I experienced the suchness of things.”.

Open to all levels of interest.

Wednesday, April 18, 7-9PM
General Admission: $15; Members $13
Click here to register and pay online for General or Member admission
Seniors and Student Admission: $13
Call Tibet House at  212-807-0563 to register or pay by credit card for Student and Senior admission.
General:$15 / Members, Seniors and Students:$13



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